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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Recover Missing / Error / Corrupted Data from Your External Hard Disk Drive without Having to Format

Assalamualaikum and hi readers…

This is the sequel from my previous entry, how to recover your missing flash disk /thumb drive / usb drive / pen drive data without using software or apps. Ada sequel pulak kan, hahak. Okayy. So this is a solution for who have the problem where you are ask to FORMAT your external hard disk. This happened to me when I was about to watch Mok Cun with my housemates. 

Have this ever happen to you?? The feeling is like you heart gonna explode. Right???? My friend tried to calm me down by saying she will download all the movies for me back...heeyyyy screw the movies!!!  All I care is about all my pictures since 1992 weyhhh..hahah... I mean if they are gone its like half of your life being taken away. Betoi dak?? Hmm after beberapa hari berkabung I finally manage to find solution from the internet.(yaa google of course Mr. Google)

Again, this solution tutorial only works if you haven’t format your hard disk yet. If you already format, then sila balik nangis and hantuk pala kat dinding naa..herrrr I mean you can find other solutions, it always have solution, trust me!

Panjang mukadimah lol . Ok here we go~

Sure this will appear. Click CANCEL 

Next step is CLICK THE START BUTTON AND TYPE cmd. You will see this cmd program. CLICK!

Command Prompt like this will appear. Make sure to identify which port location that you insert your external hard disk just now. Either d, e, f, g?

Then type chkdsk /r /f h: after symbol > (note: h is for the location of your hard disk)
                                 (also mind the spacing)

It should appear like this. Press ENTER!
Wait for the execution that can take hours depends on your data amount. Mine took 5 hours krohhh..

When the execution stop, that means it is done!! Your external hard disk is saved.

You can actually alter the commands depends on necessity. Refer to this table below. Saya tak pandai nak ajaq sebab saya ni buta IT sikit hahakk.. So its better you ask the expert on how to use this command.

If the above method does not work, you can try to use other recovery tools that can be downloaded from the internet. Good Luck~

Thanks for reading. Kalaw suka boleh LIKE dan komen dibawah^^